Laser Technology

Laser micro-welding technology has created exciting opportunities to expand Cal's jewelry repair, manufacturing, and restoration services.

The laser is very versatile, with the capability to weld a wide variety of metals from platinum, to gold, to silver, and even base metal. It allows a finer level of detail not previously possible with traditional bench methods. The laser welder uses amplified light to actually weld the metal, creating a connection that is 260% stronger than a traditional soldered connection and which is 95% as strong as the original metal. Because less heat, but at the same time a more concentrated heat is utilized by the laser than in traditional soldering methods, there is much less chance of damage to heat sensitive stones. In fact, many repairs can be done without removing the stones at all, which decreases the chances of loss or damage.

Cal uses the laser welder for most work, although there are still situations where traditional methods are a better choice. Either way, you can be assured of high quality work with little risk to your jewelry or gemstones.