Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing

Today's standard for custom jewelry design and manufacturing is CAD/CAM, which makes it possible to create virtually any jewelry design you can imagine. Cal understands this design process and has the creativity and experience to help you turn your vision into reality. Our CAD design and CAM processing is done off-site, then Cal completes all of the manufacturing of your custom piece in-house.

From Idea to Reality!

The Idea -

Bring in a picture or sketch of your jewelry concept or Cal will help you create one. He'll ask lots of questions to make sure all aspects of the design and production are discussed.

The Drawing -

A computer generated three dimensional digital drawing is produced to the required specifications. This is the time to decide on any final modifications to the design while changes can still be easily made.

The Rendering -

The 3D drawing is converted to a 3D digital rendering of the piece. The rendering looks much like a photograph and you will see your design really come to life! Cal will have you approve this final version of your jewelry before it is produced in wax.

The Wax model -

The approved 3-D digital image is milled as a wax model, which is then used in the lost wax casting process.

The Finished piece -

Cal uses a vacuum casting system to convert the wax model into an exact metal replica. The metal is finished, any needed welding is completed, stones are set, and the piece receives a final polishing.

Your unique one-of-a-kind jewelry has become a beautiful reality, and is ready to be enjoyed!